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A vertical air-conditioning and water recycling system

VertiKKA is a vertical and multi-functional façade-greening element.

VertiKKA uses façade greening and photovoltaic elements in combination with the recycling and use of grey water to improve the resource efficiency, quality of life and climate adaptation of urban spaces. Simultaneously, the synergies achieved when the modules interact in an optimal manner, will enable VertiKKA to significantly increase efficiency.

The city of Cologne is particularly exposed to the effects of climate change due to its geographical location and its dense urban development. It is actively committed to climate protection and climate adaptation measures. Cologne volunteered to act as one of the project partners and to be the study area for VertiKKA.




Situation in the cities. What contribution can VertiKKA make in urban areas?


VertiKKA’s components, mode of operation and synergy effects


Energy, land and resource efficiency, climate protection and improved quality of life