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Research and funding

A cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral objective needs many partners

The VertiKKA research project was launched in 2018 by ten project partners with the aim of conceptually developing and prototyping low-maintenance, self-regulating green modules with integrated photovoltaic elements and irrigation using pre-cleaned graywater.

Overall, VertiKKA is a comprehensive model solution for an innovative, new component of sustainable urban development. By integrating water management and land use aspects, new synergies are exploited - with far-reaching benefits for sustainable material flow management, increased resource efficiency, higher resilience to weather extremes and an enhancement of urban appearance.

This cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral objective of VertiKKA requires bringing partners from different fields of science, technology and local politics to the same table.

VertiKKA's areas of work

  • Development of a multifunctional facade greening module with the elements plant, irrigation management and PV module.
  • Modeling and simulation of all material flows of VertiKKA
  • Sustainability assessment of the overall system
  • Concept for transformation and for increasing stakeholder participation
  • Development of operator models
  • Investigation of acceptance

Project partners

Which partners are developing VertiKKA?

Project advisory board

Who advises on the development of VertiKKA?

Project funding

VertiKKA is part of RES:Z: Resource-efficient urban neighborhoods for the future

Project sponsorship

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