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Three levels of added value for a liveable city

Green façades, photovoltaic modules and resource-efficient water management: VertiKKA combines proven components in a new way and offers an innovative and powerful contribution to both climate protection and adaptation to climate change in cities. VertiKKA is one of twelve inter- and transdisciplinary projects of RES:Z Ressourceneffiziente Stadtquartiere (Resource Efficient Urban Neighbourhoods). Find out more about this large project team and the motivation and goals that drives them.



VertiKKA, a vertical air-conditioning and water recycling system

Research and funding

A cross-disciplinary and cross-sector objective needs many partners. Get to know the project participants


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Here is a selection of frequently asked questions about VertiKKA. If you cannot find you question here, please use the contact form to get in touch with us.


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