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VertiKKA's approach is to combine individual technology components, i.e. green façade elements, facade photovoltaics and innovative wastewater management, to create an innovative, multifunctional overall solution for urban spaces: VertiKKA, the vertical air conditioning and wastewater treatment system. Synergetic effects can be achieved between the individual components, which constitute the unique selling proposition and the innovative core of VertiKKA. The synergetic effects include, for example

  • Plant protection through PV modules in extreme weather conditions (e.g. wind, heavy rain, winter temperatures);
  • Permanent availability of process water as irrigation water;
  • Higher PV electricity yields due to cooling effects of the plants.

Facade greening


There are green façade elements ranging from simple soil-bound climbing aids to new wall-bound technical green modules. The potential of green façade modules in urban areas exceeds the available floor space for urban greenery many times over. Depending on the design of the green façade modules, comprehensive positive climatic, ecological, medical, economic and design effects can be achieved. In combination with the components PV modules and the use of process water, these positive effects should unfold in an optimal way in VertiKKA.


Photovoltaic modules


Compared to the annual electrical yield of a roof-mounted PV system, that of a façade-mounted PV system is lower, but synergy gains can be realised in interaction with the green façade elements. On the one hand, the cooling effect through the evaporation of moisture in the modules helps to increase the electricity yield, and on the other hand, the PV modules provide weather protection for the plants in the green modules. Within the framework of VertiKKA, the optimal design of PV modules is being researched in coordination with green façade modules and irrigation concepts.


Wastewater management


The increased water requirement is often highlighted in relation to green façade concepts. In order to convert this disadvantage into an advantage, VertiKKA is investigating the extent  to which stored rainwater, grey water collected separately in the building or even pre-purified wastewater is suitable for the irrigation of VertiKKA modules. The desired positive effects, such as the increased resource efficiency or the relief of canals and sewage treatment plants, must not be achieved at the expense of health risks or the acceptance of VertiKKA modules by the population.